readit2011 t-shirts

August 22, 2011

Were you looking for ways to celebrate your participation in #readit2011?  Do you want to boast to others about your reading?  Do you want to put your inner geek on display?

You can buy a t-shirt – actually you can buy one of four t-shirt designs in a wide range of colours and sizes.  Have a look at David Lee King proudly wearing his #readit2011 t-shirt.

for a webinar














    The options for t-shirts are the complete tag list, a different design of the complete tag list, readit2011, and a different design of #readit2011.  You can decide if the tags are on the front, or the back of the t-shirt, the style of the t-shirt and the colour of the t-shirt.  You can even choose a hoodie (note hoodies have fewer colour choices).

This is a way of wearing your #geekreads.

Please take a photograph of yourself wearing your t-shirt and add it as a comment to this post.



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