The theme for July is WhoDoneIt.

This month we will be reading crime and mystery books, both fiction and non fiction.

Crime – defined as:

  1. An act committed or an omission of duty, injurious to the public welfare, for which punishment is prescribed by law.
  2. A serious violation of human law,
  3. Any offence, especially one of grave character,
  4. A serious wrongdoing, a sin.
  5. A foolish or senseless act,

Crime reading, fiction and non-fiction are a huge part of most library collections. With fiction sub genres like detective (men or women in charge), legal, historical, psychological, forensic, cosy corner, comic capers, spy and suspense there is a never ending supply of reading material. Who really “done it”? Does the ultimate punishment fit the crime? Are the perpetrators even caught?

There’s no shortage of true crime to read either. Seedy, cruel, heartbreaking, lawbreaking and fascinating, and often all at once.

What fiction should you read?

Well…here are some of the usual suspects, there are too many to list them all:

Kerry Greenwood              Tess Gerritsen                Michael Connolly 

John Grisham                      Barry Maitland              Jeffrey Deaver

Ellmore Leonard               Lisa Gardner                   Sara Woods

Tara Moss                            Patricia Cornwell          Lisa Scottoline

Sue Grafton                        Nikki French                    Harlen Coben

Reginald Hill                    Sandra Brown                   Janet Evanovich

Kathy Reichs                  Linda Fairstein                  Fred Vargas

Martin Walker

A couple of my current favourites;

Louise Penny        Elly Griffiths        David Hewson       Peter Temple

A wonderful pictorial insight into the crime scenes of Sydney:

City of shadows: Sydney police photographs 1912-1948 by Peter Doyle

You can join us and tweet about what you are reading in July using the twitter hashtag #whodoneit.  You can also use this tag on other social media sites such as flickr or when you post about your reading on your blog.

You might also want to add tags for each month’s reading to Trove, Library Thing, and your library catalogue (if that is possible) – so that other people can see what you are reading.

We hope you will join us in our suspenseful reading, as you share your own crime and mystery reads during #whoedoneit.

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