Reading and food… is there a more delicious  combination? Even before  Little Red Riding Hood (and her picnic  basket) was sent into the woods, it seems we have been tempted by food.  The old adage  “eat to live, not live to eat”  is difficult to achieve when faced with recipes from every country. “What’s for dinner?” was enough to make my mum wilt like the proverbial salad , but my home is overflowing with recipe books, travel and recipe books, stories with recipes included, children’s books. One of the first pictures  my grand daughter recognised was “apple”… now she’s moved on to “cake”.  

Are you a food hisory buff? Do you enjoy a mystey and murder with a good dessert on the side? Is food to keep you healthy a priority? Want to cook treats for your animals? 

Or do you just love to read  and drop off in a soporific stupor dreaming of delicious delights? There’s a lot to savour this month, so start reading early!

We’d love you to join in the Readit2011 Twitter discussion on 7th September 2011, 8pm AEST. It’s going to be full of tasty treats.

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